What is HiMussels?

HiMussels is an autonomous biological early warning system that detects changes in the natural environment. It uses organisms naturally occurring in the environment to assess its ecological status. The task of our system is to monitor the condition of surface water, in particular in bathing areas and breeding ponds. As the name suggests, this system is based on a mussels module.

Mussels – natural sensors

Mussels are small, inconspicuous mollusks that possess one crucial feature. Due to their extraordinary sensitivity to any changes occurring in the aquatic environment, they prove to be perfect for detecting impurities. The mussels’ reaction to the presence of hazardous substances that pose a threat to the environment as well as human and animal life and well-being is that they quickly close their shells.
This knowledge as well as the possibility to register the changes in the opening of clam shells allowed us to create a unique technology for biomonitoring water reservoirs.


The mussels are placed in a water reservoir, for example a breeding pond or a lake. Each of the mollusks has a special biosensor connected to it, monitoring its behavior, i.e. the level of shell opening, on an ongoing basis. If contamination or a reduction in the oxygen content in the water occurs, the shell closes.

innovative solutions

So far, the biomonitoring systems available on the market have been able to detect only some sources of water contamination. This was because they were adapted to recognize only the most common types of bacteria. In practice, what it meant was that the water could be contaminated, and the owners of water basins remained unaware of it.

Mussels ready for anything

HiMussels is the perfect solution for:

owners of bathing areas and breeding ponds

companies for which the effects of water contamination result in financial losses

institutions concerned with clean and safe water reservoirs

entities that are looking for a comprehensive and functional system for monitoring the condition of water in water reservoirs

people who expect a simple and effective water monitoring system

Think pure water say Hi Mussles