Innovative solutions


detects all types of pollution

So far, the biomonitoring systems available on the market have been able to detect only some sources of water contamination. This was because they were adapted to recognize only the most common types of bacteria. In practice, what it meant was that the water could be contaminated, and the owners of water basins remained unaware of it.

Our system’s advantage over other such systems is that it is able to recognize any threat, regardless of its source, because the mollusks react even to new, previously unknown toxic substances. HiMussels therefore provides the user with a sense of security. Thanks to the observation of the condition of the water in the reservoir, it enables protection of human and animal life and well-being.

monitors the oxygen level in the water reservoir

Mussels are extremely sensitive to the lack of oxygen in the water. Oxygen is essential for the aquatic organisms to live and function. It also plays a key role in natural water treatment processes. Information regarding a drop in the level of this life-giving element is vital. Thanks this piece of information, it is possible to plan to exchange water in the tank, or even prevent the extinction of the organisms inhabiting it.

works in real time - 24 hours a day

Our biomonitoring works round the clock and the measurements are carried out in real time. This means that in case of any threat, immediate reaction is possible.

is easy to use

Despite the advanced technology, we have created a product that is functional and yet easy to use. That is why we have made sure that the use of the HiMussels mobile application and the installation itself are very intuitive. The application is characterized by a user-friendly interface and minor hardware requirements.

is an automated system

Our system does not require you to purchase additional equipment or to employ specialized personnel. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, all processes were automated, which saves time and money.

works on 99% of mobile devices

We also took into account the fact that currently there is a huge selection of mobile devices available on the market, which is why we have created an application for the two most popular operating systems – Android and IOS.